THE FORUM WANTS TO HEAR from you about...

...Rough sleepers, beggars etc

Many of us in Belgravia have experienced problems from rough sleepers and beggars, drunks and drug addicts in our streets and gardens with the disgusting detritus that they leave behind them. We have been surprised by the universal nature of the problem. We all know our own problem, but did not know everyone else suffered the same problem too. Now that we do know, we want to do something about it.

Our intention is to discuss the problems with our Councillors, the Council, Police, Home Office, UKBA, Grosvenor and each other (including other residents associations from other areas) to see if we can follow a coherent strategy to contain and curtail the problem without causing displacement within our areas.

What we want to do is hear from you about your experience. Please take this opportunity to let us know of your problem. Tell us you location, the problems you have suffered, frequency and anything else you can add to our pool of knowledge.

It also wants to hear about...
...any local issues that concern you.

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