News from Victoria

What happens in Victoria is of great interest to us here in Belgravia. Which of us have not used Victoria station, whether Network Rail or London Underground. Most of us would have used the bus terminus and, of course, walked along the much changing Victoria Street.

All these things are of interest to us that we should be also aware that the planners and bureaucrats draw lines on maps cannot always distinguish between Belgravia and Victoria. It may surprise you to know that two residential blocks of flats in Belgravia are actually included within the Victoria area for planning purposes subject therefore to planning policies for that area, which are, are wholly inappropriate for Belgravia. This is clearly wrong and representations to this effect in response to consultations were ignored. The lines on the map will not dissuade us from considering planning matters within the boundary of the Forum area and, indeed, seeking to restore or retain land uses, where possible to those traditional for Belgravia.

Some of you may not be aware, but the ward boundaries for Belgravia exclude part of the southern Forum area and are actually in divided between Churchill and Warwick wards which had nothing to do with the traditional boundaries of the Grosvenor Estate Belgravia. Officials seem disregard the reality of the communities, their loyalties and preferences.

Having said all that, we are sure that you would like to be kept informed as what is happening there and the progress of the Underground upgrade and the developments in Victoria Street. Also any general information we have will be updated here.

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